• Daniella Archwell University of Minnesota
  • Johnson Mason University of Minnesota


The paper evaluates the leadership of Elon Musk. The paper analyzes whether Musk a manager or a leader or both; The characteristics and skills that have helped him drive his companies forward; What could be the consequences of taking his style too far; whether Musk is the right person for Tesla, the electric car company during the times ahead, or does the company now require more of a ‘manager’ than a ‘leader’. The paper finds that although Elon Musk is a one-of-a kind CEO, many of the leadership qualities vital to his success can be developed in managers throughout a company. Companies looking to gain a competitive edge should invest in their human capital by creating an office culture conducive to developing quality managers. An office culture based on continued learning, leadership by example, clear mission objectives, and positivity is the greenhouse that empowers employees to grow into effective managers. Companies that pay the price to cultivate a strong office culture will increasingly set themselves apart and experience substantial organic growth as employees step up to become effective managers and branch out the organization.

Keywords: Leadership, Elon Musk, United States

Author Biographies

Daniella Archwell , University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

Johnson Mason , University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota


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