• Mintzer Forman Smith Johns Hopkins University
  • Holling Curtin Hiller Johns Hopkins University


Purpose of the study: The study sought to examine the influence of drug abuse on human health in United States of America.

Statement of problem: Drug abuse can impact numerous aspects of an individual physical and emotional health. Some substances can bring drowsiness and others might create sleep problems, fear and hallucinations. Chronic drug abuse is connected with cardiovascular, kidney and liver conditions. The drug abuse is almost affecting all the states in the United States of America.

Research methodology: The study was performed in West Virginia in USA. The target population was 300 substance users that consisted of both male and female. The study made use of purposive sampling method to get the sample.

Findings: The outcome suggested that drug abuse triggered several health issues amongst the consumers. More deaths, illness and impairments belong to drug abuse than any other avoidable health problem. The drug abuse is almost affecting all the states.

Conclusions: The research concluded that persistent drug abuse compromises the body immune system, for this reason raising the threat of disease and infection. The injection of substances directly into the blood stream has a prompt effect, while ingestion has a delayed impact but all misused substances influence the mind.

Recommendations: The research recommended that the government need to bring up new strategies and procedures to manage the drugs in the area and sensitized young people regarding the repercussions of using drugs at childhood which adversely influence them in future. There is need to install recovery facilities to take care of those that are addicted by drug abuse in order to assist them in getting rid of the dependency.

Keywords: Drug abuse, drugs, health, United States

Author Biographies

Mintzer Forman Smith, Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

Holling Curtin Hiller , Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University


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